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London Marathon 2021
The Virgin Money London Marathon is one of the most famous and prestigious events of its kind in the world.  YMCA Essex is especially fortunate to have a former Young Carers Youth Group member running to raise money for us at the London Marathon taking place on 3 October 2021. Our runner is Phil Bennett, a trainee accountant who now lives in London.


Phil is passionate about running and keen to raise money for us, to help support the work we do in our communities. Phil said,

“I was supported by YMCA as a young carer from ages 12-18, where I would go to the YMCA centre in Chelmsford once a week as well as go on various organised trips (such as paintballing etc). This gave me a lot of support which was vital to my teen years in terms of the people I met who were in a similar position to me but also the general socialising was very important to me. The volunteers I had during my time there (such as Tim Leeson, Laura Rodger and Amanda Maker) were very influential to me. I always said I wanted to do something in return to give some sort of help back to YMCA and I feel this could be a small way in which to return the help for which I was extremely grateful for. The charity means a lot to me and this is my top choice in terms of who I would like to run for. I have never run a marathon before and therefore keen to get involved with fundraising and I feel the motivation of doing it for a charity who has given so much to me would help push me that little bit extra during training and the actual day.”

The money we raise through the London Marathon will enable us to provide safe accommodation for homeless young people, support for those with mental health problems, help continue to deliver well-needed youth clubs in the area and provide an opportunity for others to access life-changing education and training.

To support Phil, please donate generously to help him reach his target of raising £3,000.

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