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YMCA Essex is a busy, purposeful and fun place to be, working towards a community characterised by inclusiveness, diversity and mutual respect.

We offer programmes and services that value and respect people for who they are, seeking to build on their positive qualities and assets, giving equal opportunities and challenging each person in body, mind and spirit. The YMCA’s mission is a Christian one, affirming the unique value of everyone, and Christian hope sees promise in every individual for growth, change and new life.

As we build the internal community of the YMCA, so we also engage with the external community around us. It is very important to us at YMCA Essex that we work meaningfully with other organisations and partners to achieve much more than we could alone. We try to accommodate our community in our building where possible. We also want to support our community through our work, and if you or your organisation would like to explore any aspect of working in partnership with the YMCA, we will be happy to talk this through with you. Community building is about relationships, and the YMCA has been working relationally since 1844 – we are good at it! We can deliver work for you, alongside you or supporting you, and we can offer you our years of experience if you simply want advice or guidance.

You will find our contact details on the Contact Us page – we look forward to hearing from you.

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