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Community Spaces for Hire

Our Colchester room hire can be booked straight away through the Online Booking System below. For the time-being, we are not able to hire out spaces at our Chelmsford site.

Please note that we are a no nut setting at any of our locations, so if you hire any of our spaces, please do not permit any form of nuts to be consumed on our grounds – this is to make sure our service users are not put at risk of harm.


Our Colchester Hall is available to hire. To do so, you’ll need to complete your details via Hallmaster, and you’ll need to agree to some conditions.

Room charges:
Rooms will be charged at £15 per Hour, £60 for half a day, £110 for all day.

Additional costs:
Tea, Coffee + biscuits – £1.50 per person per session (pre-booked only)
Flip Chart – £5 per session
Any other equipment – £5 per item

Charity rate:
A deduction will be made to churches or charities of 10% per booking. You must provide your Charity Number for this to apply.


Click here to see how to use our screen partition at the Colchester Activity Centre.



Charles Peters Lounge – Conference Suite

This room can seat a maximum of 35 people (theatre style) or 15 people (boardroom style).


Room charges: Please contact us for fees. Typically, room hire is £40 an hour.
We offer special rates for charity and church organisations.
This room is only available during our peak hours, unless you are a regular booker and we can allocate you a key to open and close up the building. Unfortunately we cannot provide teas, coffees or biscuits. If you hire during our core hours, our staff can provide you with a hot water urn so that you can make hot drinks if you can bring in your own supplies.

We also have a large hall available to hire

Cafe Bar

Our Cafe Bar is available to hire. We have many community groups that use this space particularly for games nights. If you’d like to enquire about hiring this room, please contact us for a quote: 01245 355677

Room hire review from some parents of a Dungeons and Dragons group that frequently hire this room:

“It’s official: Dungeons and Dragons is now cool. That old role-playing game from the 1980s has had a resurgence over the last few years and is now more popular than ever. Most people, if they have heard of it at all, seem to think it’s some kind of fantasy game where you have to pretend to be an Elf. In fact, it’s a fantastic exercise in; creativity, problem solving, negotiation, co-operation, collaboration, improvisation, maths (!) and it’s a lot of fun to play. Which is why it’s such a great thing for kids to do, and why it’s so great that YMCA Essex is supporting a kid’s D&D game. Andy Drake and his team have gone out of their way to make facilities available and all the players have had a great time.”

The dad of one of the players says: “Having discovered D&D at YMCA, my twelve-year-old hasn’t looked back; his confidence and imagination have improved dramatically, he has a fantastic new group of like-minded friends and, best of all, he is out socialising with real people instead of playing on a screen. It has completely transformed his life. Big thanks to YMCA!”

Movie Room

We have a movie room for hire too, with a valid film licence to do so. The room has a large projector screen and plenty of seating, with movie-themed decor.

Room hire review:

“We come to YMCA Essex every other month to play games, eat pizza and then watch a movie in the Movie Room. It’s a great way for us to socialise and the space here at YMCA is fantastic and suits our needs. We also like that we know our entry fee and donations are going to a great cause.” – Chelmsford Movie Club

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