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Early Years Online

Your one-stop resource for keeping little feet and hands active and engaged.

Early Years Support and Advice

Do you have any questions and would like to speak to a childcare professional?

– General support or advice regarding your child
– Guidance on signposting to the necessary services you may need at this time
– Advice on accessing Foodbanks in the Chelmsford area.Please click the request support button below, you information will then be passed to the relevant person and they will then be in touch at the earliest convenience.
In addition to the above, we can also help you on lots of other matters, so get in touch if you’d like any advice or support by emailing us at enquiries@ymcaessex.org.uk

Daily Challenges

To help you keep your young children entertained, why not download our Daily Challenges? This page will be updated every weekday afternoon with the latest challenge.


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Our Home Adventures

We’d love to see what adventures you have been on and what makes you happy. Send us your photos and your stories and we can share with your friends. Click here to find out more!

Keep Active!


Change4Life are here to help you all keep active and healthy.

Story Telling Videos

Clare is our Senior Nursery Nurse. Here she is telling a story to her son. Do you know the story? It’s a story called ‘Bizzy Bear’!

Sophie is our Head of Housing. Here she is telling the story of the ‘Long Nosed Pig’!

We also love these stories that you can watch on YouTube together:

The Zoo Rap


Peace at Last


Goose on the Loose


The Wake Up Song

Adele is our Senior Setting Manager. Here’s Adele’s daughter Olivia dancing to ‘Wake Up’. Olivia came to our nursery when she was younger and we thought your child may like a bit of normality, as we know they all know this song!


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