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Where to go for help

We realise that this is a worrying time, but we want to reassure you that we will support you through it and our staff are prioritising your safety and wellbeing.

This page is to give you more information, advice and support on how to look after yourself during the coronavirus outbreak. Below are some resources you might find helpful and links to specific helplines and support services.

Information for young people living in our supported accommodation.

If you are living in our Colchester accommodation, keep up-to-date on what you need to know, by readying the weekly Newsletter that your Housing team sends to you.

We’re prioritising the staffing levels in our accommodation setting to make sure there will always be enough staff to keep everyone safe. But, you may see some new faces as we will also have staff from Chelmsford come to provide cover and assistance. If you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed do talk to someone.

We need to do everything we can to help this virus pass quickly, so the more you listen to advice and actively socially distance or isolate, the sooner we can recover from this outbreak. It’s important to remember that young people are the least affected by Coronavirus, but, that you have an important part to play by following advice on social distancing and protecting those who are most vulnerable.

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