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Play games and enhance young people’s lives.


How it works:

  Be challenged to play games you won’t enjoy.

  Decide what games you’ll play, and when.

   Encourage sponsors to donate to justgiving.com/campaigns/GAMEvember

   Share how it went using #GAMEvember and how much you raised


Credit: Emilee Redpath, volunteer photographer


Top GAMEvember Fundraisers

Andy D Andy’s Monopoly game
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Helen A X Box Gaming challenge
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Dan S DBD Gaming challenge
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Offline Donations £70


What’s the total raised so far?


What are we fundraising for?

Many of the people we work with have experienced low mental health, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. We want to support them as much as we can and your donations will help with this.

By asking you to participate in games you don’t enjoy, there is a deeper message that we want to get across. We want you to share your pain, communicate with us and each other, whether it’s about a computer game you don’t enjoy or whether it’s about the really important day-to-day stresses and strains that many people don’t tend to talk about. We want to use GAMEvember as a way to talk more about the things that grind us down and how we can all support each other.



Q: How do I take part?
A: You can join in whether it’s on your own or in a team. Link your own JustGiving account to our #GAMEvember campaign here.

Q: How will you know that participants have played their gaming challenge?
A: We encourage everyone to keep in touch and tell us what they’re playing and how it’s going on our YMCA Essex Challenge Facebook page and comment online using hashtag #GAMEvember. If you join us online, the easiest way to share what you’re up to might be to livestream your gaming through Twitch. Twitch is an online video platform that lets you broadcast live, including playing video games. Once you’ve got your JustGiving page and Twitch account set up, you can use the JustGiving live streaming tool to connect the two. This means you’ll be ready to go live for your followers!

Q: What if I want to get involved but I really don’t want to play games I don’t like?
A: That’s absolutely fine – you can join in however you like, as much as you like!


Things to note:

Please make sure you play games that are age appropriate, take regular breaks, exercise and remain socially distanced from people outside of your household at all times.

If the game you’ve been nominated to play is not suited to you and is having an adverse, negative affect on you, please do not continue to play. You and your mental health are of the utmost importance.


If you’d like to donate to us through JustGiving, you can do so as a one-off or regular donation through the donation box below. Your donation really does make a huge difference to the lives of young people.


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