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Our People – Sarah Daniels

Sarah Daniels
Youth Services Manager

Sarah has worked for YMCA Essex since 2012 and was recently promoted to Youth Services Manager.


1. Tell us about yourself


Hey, I am Sarah Daniels. I am the Youth Services Manager at YMCA Essex.


2. What made you want to work at YMCA Essex?


I have always been a big believer in helping others be the best version of themselves. My whole drive in life is to make a positive difference to someone’s life. YMCA’s strapline really stood out to me as something special and as a place where I could reach out to lots of young people and make a difference. When I saw a job opening for a family support coordinator, I knew this was the key to my future and I have never looked back.


3. What are you really passionate about? 


I am so passionate about young people having a voice! I believe that all young people deserve to be heard; they deserve to feel important and listened to. They are human beings, with hearts and souls, who need to vocalise their feelings and shout for what they believe in! I am proud to be their voice and to grab the stall that they can stand on when they shout, giving them a microphone to shout louder, and to be heard from the rooftops. I believe every young person should feel safe, calm and happy- I will always go above and beyond to ensure this is the case.


4. What are some of your favourite memories of your time with us? 


I have always enjoyed our Awards Evenings- the time when you can really help a young person to see their worth. The stories that are told and the standing ovations that are given, really help a young person and their family see how worthwhile it has been to focus on themselves and persevere.


5. What are you looking forward to next?


I am looking forward to being able to bring young people to our youth clubs, for our family support to be able to see people at home and for our teams to be around each other all day. The Coronavirus Pandemic has definitely highlighted to me the importance a ‘village’ has on a young person- the need to social networking (face to face), the teacher, classroom and friends, sports clubs and youth clubs, 1:1’s, the ease of inviting someone to the office for a cup of tea and a chat, being able to drop everything and help a parent in their home, bring a young person to ‘The Y’ to kick a ball around and let off steam. All of these scenarios are missed by families and young people and I cant wait to be able to have no limit on what we can offer again, bringing happiness and smiles to many.


Interviewed on Monday 18 May 2020


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