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Coronavirus Response

Looking after yourself – Mind, Body and Spirit

YMCA Essex is a charitable organisation that has served the community of Essex for many years. As ever, we stand ready to support children, young people and families across the county during these difficult times.  Should you need support, you can contact us on enquiries@ymcaessex.org.uk and we will put you in touch with the right person or team that can speak with you and help you with any query, support or advice you may need just now. Alternatively, our Family Support, Digital Youth Work and Early Years Online webpages may also help answer some of your queries and give you and your household additional suggestions on how to keep busy, active and healthy during the coming weeks and months.


Family Support – Reflective listening for parents to support ways of managing emotions, routine and family life through these current challenging times.
Digital Youth Work – A bespoke online offer to keep young people aged 7-17 entertained and engaged at home.
Early Years Online – Your one-stop resource for keeping little feet and hands active and engaged.


The Theory of Change


We have produced a handy chart to help illustrate the breadth of the work that we do.  We strive to help serve young people and the wider community.


Click the image to view a larger version:


Online safety

The internet is a brilliant place to connect with others, be creative and discover new things, but as young people’s usage online during this pandemic will have increased, so will have the online risks.

Online safety is paramount in all our services, particularly at a time where we are using more online methods of communicating with our service users. For all of our digital youth sessions, we make sure two members of staff are present at all times during the video call and that the video link is only shared with members known to us.

An awareness of what potential risks there are must remain important to all of us. Our staff are trained in safeguarding, we have a safeguarding policy, we keep up-to-date on the latest news and regulations and we are available if anyone has any questions about our policies or concerns about online communications in general or our young people’s involvement online.

We can recommend following EST E Safety Training on Facebook or viewing their webpage for more useful information.

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